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Supertoys For Superyachts: Top 2020 Yachting Accessories

Yachting is all about relaxation and enjoyment. Live life to the fullest with these innovative toys on your next cruise.

Aug 29, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

As superyachts become larger and more innovative, so do the toys that come with them. The once-standard 25-meter luxury cruisers decked out in the most sophisticated technology and design are now some of the smaller fish in the yachting industry.

Some of the most extravagant liners to be seen at the 2019 Monaco Yacht show boasted some intriguing new accessories that are quickly becoming standard. From underwater observatories to onboard full facility gymnasiums, the fast-paced lifestyles of yacht owners are dictating new ground in entertainment design options.

While you may insist on having a tender with Stryker T-Tops ready for your guests to wakeboard on the ocean, you may also be interested in some of the most popular yachting toys to emerge for the 2020 season. Yachting is all about relaxation and enjoyment. Live life to the fullest with these innovative toys on your next cruise.

Underwater Observation Room

Fincantieri Yachts has been recently tasked with adding an Underwater Observation room to the 140m My Ocean Victory. Since this unveiling, they have been overrun with additional design requests from yacht owners. An engineering project such as this needs to begin during the initial design project. Insulated and reinforced hull designs along with the best in luxury interior interfacing can create an underwater experience that won’t be forgotten.

Swimming Pools

For those that prefer to lounge poolside, even when they are on the ocean, an on-deck swimming pool is a perfect solution. These steel enforced additions to the hull need to be specifically designed to withstand the forces of the ocean. An innovative pump recycling system ensures that your pool water is carefully reused throughout the craft with minimal waste. The pool can be covered with carbon fiber panels to provide a stable surface when the pool is not in use.

Floating Platforms

Floating modular platforms give owners and their guests the opportunity to reconnect with the water around them. These platforms can be configured to your needs. They can act as a sunbathing platform or as a docking spot for jet skis, divers, or amphibious vehicles. Add an inflatable sea pool that allows you to enjoy the water in a safe enclosed environment.


In addition to adding a complex onboard gymnasium with all the latest equipment, you can now burn calories out on the water. With the inventive design of the Red Shark water bikes, you can explore the surface of the waves and get an intense workout. Made from durable yet lightweight carbon-fiber, these floating crafts can be enjoyed by everyone on board and easily stowed without taking up a lot of space.

Amphibious Vehicles

Choose from the Biski or the Quadski models of Gibbs’s latest amphibious vehicles for some high-speed adventures on or off the water. With enough power to go from the sand to the surf instantaneously, these stability boosted vehicles are easy for anyone to ride.

As the design of superyachts continues to evolve, so will the accompanying toys that make life on the water such an adventure. As innovative technology develops more artful designs of these unique watercraft, those that live a luxurious lifestyle on the open sea will have more to enjoy.

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