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Sanlorenzo SD126 Takara’s ultra-stylish Milan layouts

The interior of the latest Sanlorenzo SD126 Takara is the result of a long series of consultations with her Spanish owner, already an experienced sailor, who wanted a particularly contemporary boat featuring the best of Made in Italy.

Jul 28, 2017 | By Yacht Style

As agreed with the client, the starting point for the feeling or style of this craft was the interior, designed by the Dordoni Architetti studio for the legendary 100 SL prototype which in 2008 had revolutionised Sanlorenzo’s image.

The screens in the main salon, along with the ceiling panels, are in oxidised bronze, combined with sections in Rimex stainless steel mirrored bronze, while the wall panels are gloss-lacquered, with doors that are also in Rimex stainless steel mirrored bronze. Walls are in natural teak with horizontal grain. Sections are in aniline dyed leather, and the parquet is made instead from sideways-mounted rosewood slats.

As is traditional with Sanlorenzo, the owner visited some of the finest showrooms in Milan and Brianza with the Sanlorenzo team to visualise the choices of décor on offer and try them out for comfort. Vintage lights like the 1960s floor lamp in the lounge were intentionally selected in order to best establish a rapport with the materials selected for this boat.

The décor chosen keeps in mind that this is still a boat, and not surprisingly, the dining table has a central base which makes it easier to use while the chairs are stackable to allow greater flexibility depending on the number of guests on board at the time.

Interaction with the furniture companies involved in the design of the boat led to the creation of a number of custom-made pieces, starting with some beautifully unstructured articles such as those designed by Fratelli Campana. The owner chose two exceptional pieces, that spring forth like jewels from the rest of the materials, which are much more based around the shades of oxidised bronze.

One of the options that sets Sanlorenzo apart is the wide choice of art works for living areas and private suites, together with the owner of course, so as to best complement the soft atmosphere that is a hallmark of Takara herself. These include the sculpture on the coffee table by the artist Lorenzo Acquaviva, the picture by Franco Ionda above furniture in the dining area, selected at the Tornabuoni Gallery in Florence, and the large abstract work by Massimiliano Luchetti, which is above the headboard in the owner’s cabin.

This selection of personal choices extends as far as the dinner service which, not entirely by chance, happens to be the famous Catene service by Gio Ponti, an indication of the Sanlorenzo relationship with historic good Italian design. The sophisticated floating villa also features completely hand-made precious pure silk rugs on all suite floors, hand-knotted to 100,000 knots per square metre, and stitched directly on board by an expert craftsman.

Another feature of the design is the permeability of the interior cabins, which have bathrooms that are left in full view, without even the usual glazed sliding doors. They are simply separated by draped curtains. Naturally the only closed area is the toilet, while everything else is purposely left in view to extend the spaces, and contribute a more scenic effect to the bedroom environment.

In short, says a yard spokesman, Takara is a paradigm for how Sanlorenzo expresses and breathes life into a unique experience for their clients, often from non-European countries. They are invited to visit the most interesting of contemporary furniture brands, and led to understand how Milan is the capital of design, through a series of opportunities related to art and Italian style that are not easily forgotten.

Every detail of this 38 metre long craft, in displacement terms the largest fibreglass boat that Sanlorenzo produces, has been shared to create an interior similar to a made-to-measure suite, in which the owner cannot fail to recognise himself, or perhaps herself. The Sanlorenzo shipyard has been manufacturing high quality motor yachts since 1958, and represents a “boutique” sector of the yachting industry, building a limited number of made-to-measure vessels per year, each designed and produced according to the requests and style of every single owner.

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