Designers at the Milan Furniture Fair: Versace unveiled furniture and homeware collections inspired by Medusa

Versace unveiled its Medusa emblem inspired home collection at the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair in April

Apr 11, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

Italian fashion house Versace showed off its latest furniture and homeware creations at the Milan Furniture Fair. The label lifted the lid on three new lines at the Italian design show, including one celebrating the firm’s famous Medusa emblem. A mainstay of the label’s ready-to-wear creations, Medusa — a figure from Greek mythology with snakes for hair — now also rears her head in Versace’s home and furniture collections.

This year, Donatella Versace has treated Medusa to her very own chair — “Shadov” — with a backrest echoing the outline of Medusa’s head. Available in wood or leather, it comes in a wide selection of colours, from “revolution red” and “armée green” to “cool gray” and “cloud.”

Medusa also features in a new product line called “VM11,” referencing the Versace boutique in Milan, situated at Via Montenapoleone 11. This line includes pieces for living and dining in neutral shades of black and white.

In contrast, the “Le Jardin de Versace” range is full of bright colours, butterflies and the occasional Medusa head, surrounded by flowers and golden Baroque-inspired rings. Here, the butterfly is more than a purely aesthetic choice. The blue butterfly symbolises the meaning of life and acceptance. In Chinese mythology, seeing a yellow butterfly foretells happiness around the corner. Plus, a major change is said to be in store for anyone the yellow butterfly lands on. Finally, the purple butterfly symbolises spirituality.


“Le Jardin de Versace” comes to cushions, as well as a limited-edition couch, with just 12 editions available.

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