Beneteau’s Newest Acquisition – Delphia Yachts

The final Delphia Yachts acquisition process by Groupe Beneteau executed in Poland means the latter will be in charge of its operations.

Dec 04, 2018 | By Joe Lim

30 November 2018 in Warsaw: Poland, Groupe Beneteau and Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j. reached financial closing of the acquisition by Groupe Beneteau of its operations designing, building and marketing sailing and motor yachts under the Delphia Yachts and Maxi Yachts brands.

The companies from Beneteau and Delphia Yachts

This acquisition was made through a dedicated Polish entity called Stocznia Jachtowa Delphia sp. z.o.o. in which the Group’s Polish subsidiary Ostroda Yachts sp. z.o.o. is holding 80 per cent of the share capital, while Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j. retains 20 per cent of such share capital. The acquisition agreement and its rationale were announced by Groupe Beneteau on July 12, 2018.

Delphia 40

As the boating industry’s global market leader, Groupe Beneteau, through its Boat division’s 11 brands, offers over 200 recreational boat models serving its customers’ diverse navigational needs and uses, from sailing to motorboating, monohulls and catamarans. Leading the European leisure homes market, the three brands from the Group’s Housing division offer a comprehensive range of leisure homes, lodges and pods that combine eco-design with high standards of quality, comfort and practicality. With its international industrial capabilities and global sales network, the Group employs 7,500 people, primarily in France, the US, Poland, Italy and China.

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