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This Senturion diamond studded car key sells for $270,000

The Senturion S177 is a unique luxury car key wristlet designed with a carbon composite core and titanium for unlocking your supercar in ostentatious style

Sep 11, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho

Along 9 Berkeley Street, just off the main London thoroughfare of Piccadilly, sits Senturion, makers of the first and only luxury wrist-wear of its kind – the key to your supercar. While timepieces like Richard Mille and Roger Dubuis are largely automotive inspired luxury wrist-wear of the more practical variety, Senturion luxury car keys are touted to be the “most unique collectors’ item in the world”, serving essentially as “key-fobs” for supercars that you can wear on your wrist where diamond-encrusted and meteorite editions can fetch as much as $250,000, accelerating you into an community of supercar owners with bespoke statement wrist jewellery that can be synchronised with multiple luxury car brands and models.

This Senturion S177 diamond studded car key costs $270,000

On first glance, Senturion’s latest diamond studded luxury car key looks like one of Urwerk’s horological creations but a closer look reveals the S177 Collection, a  unique car key wristlet designed with a carbon composite core and constructed with solid titanium. I don’t know about you guys but if I had car keys this pretty, I probably wouldn’t carry them in my pockets but rather wear the Senturion S177 on my wrist.

Each Senturion luxury car key is created as part of a limited edition series of only seven, making it a fairly exclusive statement piece and while I’m not a fan of their earlier editions, the latest Senturion S177 with integrated encrypted security system makes it look like a high horology creation rather than luxury lifestyle gimmick.

As with its pioneering models,  Senturion S177 integrates your super car’s existing encrypted security system into your device so that it will be fully compatible with your ride. Close to 100 hours are spent on the creation of a single statement piece. Engineers deconstruct and miniaturise the mechanism of the car’s key fob to fit within the opulently designed Senturion luxury car key. To distinguish your luxury wrist gear from others, Senturion bracelet allows bespoke options to customise the finish, insets, straps and even the precious stone embellishments.

What the S177 has in spades over the earlier editions of the Senturion bracelet key fob is the watch-like curved sapphire window exhibiting the gearwork similar to a Hublot LaFerrari- the rotating cogs, a technical feature of the locking mechanism which allows you to unlock the supercar keys. Compatible with luxury cars including Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Porsche, the standard key is priced at US$20,500 with customisations adding up to US$270,000 if one chooses the option of 4-billion-year-old piece of meteorite as adornment for what’s likely to be the world’s most expensive car key fob, albeit one you can wear. Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge, already owns a Senturion bracelet key fob and and David Luiz previously splashed £1.1m on them for his pals.

Order your bespoke Senturion here.

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