Top 3 Most Expensive And Private Jets In The World

Navigating the skies in a luxury jet is a must. With solid gold washbasins, crystal decor and turkish baths, these 3 vessels define expensive private jets.

Jan 08, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin



In a modern world where flying is open to everyone, exploring the skies in style remains exclusively for the elite. Navigating the world in a luxury jet is a must and these three top the bucket list.


How To Lavishly Navigate The Skies



Flying in at 1st place…

The 500 Million USD Airbus A380. Known as the ‘Flying Palace’ this masterpiece was ordered and temporarily owned by Saudi Prince Al-Weed Bin Talal.


The aircraft is often referred to as, the flying palace


It is the world’s most expensive private jet, if it had been completed. The Prince had placed an order for the first VIP version of Airbus’ double-decker A380. A standard Airbus A380 sells for 400 Million USD. So totalling the expenses of each customisation requested by the Saudi Prince for his, ‘Flying Palace’, raised the price point close to 500 Million USD.


Airbus bathroom


Customisations featuring, a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a luxury car garage and a prayer room with electronic mats that automatically rotate to face Mecca. If this behemoth plane had been finalised,  which is a point of controversy, as a source with knowledge of the plane reports that the A380 is still sitting on Airbus property in Toulouse, France, void of any interior decoration. In saying this, if the level of interior decoration matched the level of hype there is about its lavish nature, then there would be absolutely no need to complain about your next 18-hour flight. That is of course if you are flying with the 45th richest person in the world upon his customised prized plane.


Cruising in at 2nd place…

Is the 350 – 500 Million USD Airbus A340-300. Known as the ‘Bourkhan’ this aircraft is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov.


Airbus A340-300


This spectacular air vessel gained the title, ‘Bourkhan’, after Usmanov’s father. We can be assured his dad was a man kept in high esteem, as this luxuriously painted plane trumps even President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin II-96.


Inside Airbus A340-300


As the largest private plane in Russia, the interior decoration and technology implemented into this honorary aircraft, is a marvel of respect from the richest man in Russia to his father.


Landing in at 3rd place…

Owning this aeroplane is the Sultan of Brunei, whose son Prince Mateen is currently gaining a lot of hot attention. As you expect of a sultan, we see the finest materials used in furnishing this aircraft. The living room, bedroom and bathroom are all decorated with gold and crystal. The details of this plane screams luxury, with interior features such as washbasins made out of solid gold.



Excess of 100 Million USD was added to the original 100 Million USD aircraft value, making it worth almost 250 Million USD.


Son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Mateen, your potential pilot


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