Serena Williams: Builds Her Wealth On And Off Court

Generally speaking, to make millions from sport, you still need to be male but Serena Williams breaks all the stereotypes to be in a league of her own.

Jun 30, 2022 | By LUXUO
Image: Serena Williams

A Peek At Serena Williams’ Luxury Lifestyle

Professional sport and luxury living often go hand in hand. The glossy magazines can’t get enough of taking a peek into the lives of Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or David Beckham, for example.  

Image: Tiger Woods

It doesn’t take a genius in anthropology to notice that these athletes have one thing in common. Generally speaking, to make millions from sport, you still need to be male. There is one notable exception to that of course, and it’s someone who fully deserves all the rewards of being one of the most remarkable athletes of all time.

A Unique Sporting Talent

Serena Williams isn’t just a tennis player, of course. She is also independently wealthy through her business interests, which include two fashion labels and numerous lucrative endorsement deals. But it is her talent as an athlete that made it all possible. Right now, Williams is dominating the sports pages again as she attempts to win a 24th grand slam title at Wimbledon.

Since the announcement that she would be playing, legal online sports betting on Unibet has gone into the stratosphere as her fans get behind her one last time. Let’s be clear here, Williams is 40 and in a sport where most retire at about 30; she has not played for a year and she last won a grand slam five years ago. What’s more, she turned pro before most of her opponents in this year’s event.

Rewriting The Rules

With an estimated net worth of US$250 million, it is safe to say she’s not in it because she needs the prize money. Along with sister Venus, Serena Williams has made a career out of challenging the status quo. They turned pro in the mid-90s, but pro tennis was so exclusively white middle class that the casual and sometimes overt racism made it look more like the mid-50s.  

Undeterred and uncowed, they continued to upset the order of things with bright clothes and accessories. Fast forward to 2017 and Serena didn’t just win a grand slam at the age of 35 — she did so while eight weeks pregnant, too.

Kicking Back In Florida, Bel Air And Paris

It’s easy to see why Serena Williams is such an inspiration and how with a little business savvy, she has created some highly lucrative brands. She has also accumulated quite the property portfolio. Her Beverly Hills mansion was her main base over the past decade, but recently went on the market for US$7.5 million.

She also has an awesome property in Palm Beach, which sister Venus helped to design. This oasis has been her main residence since becoming a mother and is in addition to a chic apartment in Paris on the seventh arrondissement with views of the Eiffel Tower.

Plus Some Star Cars

Serena shares a love of fast cars with the sporting millionaires we mentioned earlier. Her collection definitely shows a love of luxury and includes an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Bentley Continental and her personal favourite, a Lincoln Navigator, plus several others.

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