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Riva Presents Timeless Elegance Just In Time for Christmas

To find the perfect gift: something different and fully appreciated is no easy feat. For this reason we recommend some very special items from the Riva Boutique.

Dec 06, 2018 | By LUXUO

The success story of a family business

With the sightedness and the iconic aesthetics of Pietro Riva, Riva boats’ history starts to be written in 1842. A family business tradition that has always been the synonym of status and perfection we know today.

Riva boatyard has been able to ride the wave of the Italian industrial revolution creating models for the aristocracy, businessmen and international movie stars putting its signature on the tide of times.

Christmas in perfect Riva style

Christmas is around the corner and as many would say, the true Christmas spirit lies in gifting. To find the perfect gift: something different and fully appreciated is no easy feat. For this reason we recommend some very special items from the Riva Boutique.

Riva cuddles its lovers with the same care it makes boats, creating special items available for purchase online on the official store Riva Boutique. Having them means experience first-hand the excellent craftsmanship of a boatyard that has written the finest chapters in the history of yachting.

If exclusivity is what you are looking for your loved ones, why don’t you take a look at the items below, available on Riva Boutique? Special gifts ideas and collector’s item about boating world, from scale-models to clothes, technology articles and home décor, you can’t find somewhere else. These items have the power to tell a tale of uncompromising excellence.

A heartfelt gift comes in many shapes and sizes. Take a look at the perfect reproductions of the most famous Riva boats. The 1:43 scale model of the Acquarama, the “Stradivari of boats”, “the Queen of the French Riviera”, for example, are the ones widely regarded as the world’s most beautiful runabout.

You can also surprise your child (and yourself, maybe) with the toy models of Aquarama, Aquariva and Rivarama, the best-selling piece in the collection, or the Aquarama truck scale model, and start play with him, teaching him the art of the craftsman before the models.

Remember that every scale model has been realized with the same highest quality materials and has the same refined design of the original ones. That’s the reason why collectors can’t wait to enlarge their collections with the Riva items.

For those who love reading about great stories, there is “RIVA CORSA. The Origin of the Myth”, the book of Riva racing boats, telling the full story of the boatyard in the racing field in 200 black and white and color images, many of them hitherto unseen, printed on 167 magnificent pages. Feel part of the myth flipping through pages!

Time for fashion

Why don’t you choose the matchy outfit for him and for her, with the Riva Polo and T-shirt? Details here make the difference, from the brand colors, aquamarine and white, to the mother pearl buttons and the chrome metal Riva logo. A real brand experience to wear that makes you immediately feel the sea breeze, enjoy the sun and relax on board of your yacht. Complete the outfit with the Riva Cap, the glam touch of boating clothes.

Technology and home décor Riva gift ideas.

In every Riva gift idea lives the will to transfer that exclusive elegance in every object, especially in the technologic ones.

We think your friends could be happy to find underneath their Christmas tree the charming Riva accessories for smartphone and tablet: surprise them with the refined IPhone and IPad cover, or get for them a waterproof USB key to save the Christmas pictures taken on Riva boats.

In the Riva Christmas wishlist for the home décor lovers, don’t miss the chance to bring the Riva luxury style to your dearests’ home. The items for home décor, made in perfect Riva style, range from cups for coffee or tea to ashtray and coin tray that add a touch of sophistication in your daily life or in your relaxing moments onboard. Even beach towels are made useful gifts for friends and family.

If Santa was so kind, maybe you would receive a piece of Riva history as Christmas gift: Aquarama table or lamps in limited edition or Aquarama chair and stool are exclusively designed to recreate the Riva yacht atmosphere at home.

For this Christmas, let your family and friends’ dreams come true. Riva will be your ace in the hole to give smiles!

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