$56 million Los Angeles “Airplane Propeller” Home by architect Zoltan Pali

Zoltan Pali designed this $56 million luxury Los Angeles Airplane Propeller home and it is iconic of the growing developments of “ultra luxury spec homes”

Dec 07, 2018 | By Jonathan Ho

Named by Residential Architect as their top 50 architects for 2010, Zoltan Pali along with partner partner Judit M. Fekete-Pali, has designed some of Los Angeles most iconic buildings (including the restoration of the famed Getty Villa) and this $56 million “propeller shaped” Cliff side home is among them. From the Greek Theatre to the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, the 58 year old Pali has lent his talents on famed Los Angeles landmarks and for this Los Angeles Propeller home, Pali sought muse from the iconic airplane component.

By virtue of its propeller design, the 18,800 square feet Los Angeles cliff side house is comprised of three wings, extending from a central column upon the cliff top. The best views of the LA skyline LA luxucan be had on the upper floor and that’s where Pali has placed the bedrooms and guest quarters while the communal living spaces are on the ground level, keeping the fitness or wellness centre on the lower floor.

$56 million Los Angeles “Airplane Propeller” Home by architect Zoltan Pali

“I want to deliver homes that are peculiar and anomalous in terms of architecture. I’m thinking outside of the box—literally.” – Dang, Thai developer responsible for the LA propeller home

According to the Wall Street Journal, Thai developer Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura is marketing the Los Angeles luxury home through real estate agents Aaron Kirman, Louis Evans and Taylor Nakaki of Aaron Kirman Partners for $56 million. Bodiratnangkura, nicknamed – Dang, spent four years on the luxurious nine bedroom and 15 bathroom Los Angeles property which includes a home theater, automated light system, LED-lit pool  and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar.

According to public records, the exclusive slice of real estate was acquired in 2016 for $6.1 million but Dang had to spend more than a year securing the necessary permits to develop her unique propeller home, together with the building process, the luxurious LA house was finally ready by 2018. This is Dang’s largest project to date and it is emblematic of one of the growing numbers of ultra-luxury spec homes, deep-pocketed Los Angeles investors shell out millions to create luxury residences catering to the top 1%.



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