Mont Blanc StarWalker Red Gold

Mont Blanc StarWalker Red Gold

Montblanc enhances its dynamic StarWalker Collection with two new pioneering editions: The StarWalker Red Gold Resin and the StarWalker Red Gold Metal.

The cutting-edge design of the StarWalker Red Gold Resin features superb red-gold fittings with a precious black resin in an ergonomic shape.

The StarWalker Red Gold Metal gets its architectural look through the combination of the red gold-finished fittings with deep black lacquer and diamond cut lines.

The rhodium-plated 14 K gold nib builds the heart and soul of the writing instruments, while the distinctive transparent StarWalker cap top crowns each piece.

Both models are now available as fountain pen, ballpoint pen and fineliner in the Montblanc Boutiques worldwide.