Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition

Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition

The House of Martell has created the Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition, designed in collaboration with the renowned French architect Christian de Portzamparc.

To pay tribute to the noble cognac Martell XO, he decided to magnify its intense color through the light. “I wanted to make the liquid into a work of art and for the Martell XO bottle to become a faintly perceptible treasure set in a beautiful jewel-box casing.”

Martell XO Exclusive Architect Edition bottle

Behind the prism, you can just guess the amber robe of Martell XO, which dances and sparkles but unveils nothing of its mystery.

The lines and delicate material of the casing send out a message to take your time before discovering its fragrance and then tasting it…

Christian de Portzamparc

Christian de Portzamparc was awarded the Pritzker prize in 1994 and became the first French architect to receive this profession’s most prestigious honor.

After Paul Andreu in 2009, this Exclusive Architect Edition is the second collaboration of Martell XO with an architect.