$100m yacht for German billionaire who cut employee wages

A German billionaire who has put his factory workers on short-time and cut their wages has bought himself a luxury megayacht according to DailyMail.

Screw manufacturer Reinhold Würth (#93 on the Forbes 2009 list) has ordered 1,250 of his 5,000 employees in Germany to reduce their working hours and cut their pay by 15 percent.

The rest of his workers are being forced to take a solidarity pay cut of five percent. At the same time, though, the convicted tax evader also celebrated the christening of his new super yacht, the Vibrant Curiosity.

The 85-meter-long white ship, built at the Oceano dock near Rotterdam, cost around $100 million to build.

It’s equipped with two diesel engines from German motor company MTU, has a horsepower of 4,680 and can reach a speed of 18.5 knots.

The inside is equally grand, with a large cabin for the owners, a VIP suite as well as luxury cabins for 14 further guests.

At the $100 million yacht’s launch party, Reinhold Würth is said to have asked guests at the yacht’s launching party to be “discreet.”

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