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The Irony of Aspen: Playground for the Elite

Nov 23, 2019 / Billionaires

Aspen is a wonderland for the world’s top 1 percent and Aspen Institute, a school for elite politicians seems to be an ill suited place to learn emphatic leadership

Number of Billionaires Up 40%

Nov 12, 2019 / Business of Luxury

According to the UBS Billionaires Insight 2019 report, there are now 2101 billionaires in the world, up 40% from five years ago with females leading the pack in terms of growth

Ultra Exclusive Singapore Bungalow for Sale

Oct 23, 2019 / Homes

The 40 Nassim Road bungalow in the exclusive Singaporean high net-worth enclave has a sprawling floor area of 13,839 sq ft and is comprised of three adjoining plots.

Smart Money: Ultra-Wealthy Move Assets predicting 2020 Recession

Sep 25, 2019 / Business of Luxury

High net worth families might still be living it up like things are calm but like a duck, their family asset managers are paddling furiously underwater to protect and grow their wealth in safe haven investments

Hong Kong Unrest Bleeds City's Wealthiest

Aug 20, 2019 / Business of Luxury

The continuing unrest in Hong Kong is estimated to have wiped out $15 billion of the city’s wealthiest, sounding a warning bell for the luxury and real estate market

Where the World's Top 1% Holiday

Jul 08, 2019 / Travel

The magnificent Ashford Castle is an 800 year old hotel of such esteemed provenance and activities that National Geographic named it a “Unique Lodge of the World”

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