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Top 10 Lessons From COVID-19

Feb 02, 2021 / Business of Luxury

What are some lessons that luxury brands can learn from the global pandemic? There are 10 that they can adopt in order to position themselves better as the world embarks on the road to recovery.

Behind The Demise Of Sonia Rykiel

Aug 07, 2019 / Fashion

Parisian clothing label Sonia Rykiel has been an icon of French fashion for over half a century. So how did the once sought-after brand find itself on the outs with consumers?

5 Distinctive Sonia Rykiel Catwalk Looks

Aug 29, 2016 / Fashion

We pay tribute to the Queen of Knitwear with a look back at some of her contributions to the world of fashion.

5 Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Aug 23, 2016 / Fashion

The trends from the runway are set to change up your wardrobe this season and we explore five that we would love to embrace.

13 Shades of Blue: Fall/Winter 2016 Trend

Aug 08, 2016 / Fashion

You don’t have to feel blue for the shade is now the color that will fill wardrobes for fall and winter.

Insight: Why So Few Female High Fashion Designers

May 26, 2016 / Fashion

The fashion industry exists to sell us two things: the idea of beauty and products to fulfill the idea. Why are the people selling us this mainly men?

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