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America’s 10 best cities for pizza

Aug 02, 2015 / Gastronomy

The United States is a pizza wonderland, and travel site TripAdvisor has combed its user reviews for the country’s best pizzerias.

Russian chain delivers pizza by drone

Jun 26, 2014 / Tech

A Russian fast food chain claims to have taken a slice out of the competition by becoming the first to offer pizza delivery by drone.

Domino’s Japan launches Kobe-beef pizza

Jan 10, 2013 / Gastronomy

Domino’s Pizza,the world’s most famous home delivery pizza services, has released a new luxury pizza in Japan- an exclusive to the pizza fast food market.

Domino’s plans pizza on the Moon

Sep 03, 2011 / Gastronomy

The pizza restaurant chain Domino’s has claimed that it intends to sell its pizzas by opening a store on the moon. Domino’s Japan President, Scott K. Oelkers states this outer-space program needs an estimate of 1.6 trillion yen ($21 billion). Around Y560bn will be need to carry 70 tonnes of construction materials and pizza-making equipment […]

Italian restaurant opens in North Korea

Mar 15, 2009 / Gastronomy

North Korea has opened its first “authentic” Italian restaurant on the orders of its leader, Kim Jong-Il, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said Saturday. The Chosun Sinbo, often seen as a mouthpiece for North Korea’s communist regime, said the restaurant had proved to be a major hit after it opened in the capital Pyongyang in December. “I’ve […] sells for $3 million

Apr 05, 2008 / Lifestyle

For a $20 investment, Chris Clark a tech entrepreneur, made the best decision in his life. He bought the domain name in 1994 for twenty bucks and sold it recently for almost $3 million. A week’s worth of anonymous bidding at an online auction site had pushed the price to $2.6 million, compared to […]

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