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Why France Is Perfect For A Weekend Break

Feb 06, 2024 / Travel

Exciting delights await your French getaway as LUXUO takes you through the not-so-hidden allure of what awaits a trip to France.

Art Galleries Show Confidence in The French Market

Sep 11, 2023 / Art Republik

Paris has become an international platform for exchange and experimentation.

The Legacy of Jane Birkin: From Style to The Silver Screen

Jul 20, 2023 / Celebrities

The life and times of Jane Birkin (1946 – 2023), a London-born legend who won over the French, and then the world.

Dior’s New 30 Montaigne Paris Universe

Mar 09, 2022 / Fashion

After two years, Dior’s newly renovated and reopened 30 Montaigne now has a restaurant, an exhibition space, a high-end jewellery store and private overnight apartments. Within the Dior universe is also an intense and stunning 88.88-carat yellow diamond.

France's Arc De Triomphe Wrapped in Fabric

Sep 20, 2021 / Art Republik

Sixty years after first conceptualising the idea, the Arc de Triomphe is completely shrouded in fabric.

Fashion Capitals' Secret Ingredient for Success

May 21, 2021 / Fashion

The Met Gala this year has its focus on American fashion, but how did America become one of the world’s fashion capitals

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