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Paris Once Turned Against I.M. Pei

May 22, 2019 / Design

I.M. Pei was excoriated when he unveiled the Louvre Pyramid that is now synonymous with Paris. What does it say about our attitudes to novel infrastructures

Notre Dame - Modernity or originality?

May 13, 2019 / Culture

Talks of rebuilding Notre Dame has romped French media. But critically, should she rebuilt traditionally or contemporarily? At LUXUO, we propose both.

Rebuilding Notre Dame

Apr 17, 2019 /

All is not lost for Notre Dame de Paris, in fact, plans for its recovery and restoration had been developed since the French Revolution

Notre Dame Burns

Apr 16, 2019 /

As Notre Dame burns, first responders are desperately saving some of the cathedral’s most precious art and relics. Can her artworks be saved?

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