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$32 Million Modern Los Angeles 'Upside Down House'

May 17, 2019 / Homes

This is what $32,000,000 property looks like in Los Angeles, designed by Noah Walker and surrounded by 100 over oak trees

The New Luxury Economy: Experiences

Apr 29, 2019 / Travel

Luxury is no longer simply about spending money on beautiful things but instead an experience can now define luxury. This is what an adventure with True North is all about. 

EDA: Ecotourism Fad or Fact?

Aug 13, 2018 / Travel

Escape to the most coveted travel destinations and experiences with Travel Writer, Joy Greedy.

Travel this Spring

Apr 12, 2018 / Travel

If you’re feeling inspired to travel, but you haven’t yet figured out where you want to go, Luxuo has a curated list of Asian destinations

The Grandest Yacht in the World

Oct 09, 2017 / Yachts

Projecting purity and greatness, Sinot’s Nature Superyacht concept offers a new perspective on yachting with a luxurious blend of maritime nature and technology

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