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When a $32 Million Modern Los Angeles ‘Upside Down House’ Meets Nature

This is what $32,000,000 property looks like in Los Angeles, designed by Noah Walker and surrounded by 100 over oak trees

May 17, 2019 | By Angelyn Tan

When a $32 Million Modern Los Angeles ‘Upside Down House’ Meets Nature

Sweet dreams are made of this and it cost $32 million to live in it. This contemporary Los Angeles mansion is known as the ‘Upside Down House’ and was previously owned by Dennis Wang – founders of Huayi Brothers Media and a major producer of U.S. films.

Recently, Architectural Digest gave a tour of this stunning 8,000 square feet property and it is safe to say that it is worth its hefty price tag. Completed in 2015, this 4-bedroom house was designed by Noah Walker who is known for its warm and minimalist aesthetics that is present throughout this particular home.

Featuring entertainment space on the top floor, with two-thirds of the house below-grade, built into a hillside, owners and guests will be swoon over how much natural light enters the property. Whether it’s clerestory windows or skylights on the ceilings, you will never fail to find a dull spot in the day.

The 3.5-acre property on Oak Pass Road also includes a 2,400 square-foot guesthouse with two bedrooms, and a 75-foot infinity pool. It’s built around more than 100 protected oak trees that frame the house, with one of it over 75-foot shadowing the infinity pool. This ultra-modern house is fully integrated into its natural surroundings.

Architect Noah Walker explains that for this property, nature comes first. The design is really just meant to complement its natural surroundings. A second pool and spa, hiking paths starting from your bedroom, a sprawling entertainment room, charcoal pizza oven, gym and sauna are some features you get to enjoy with that price tag. While many of the homes in the area are designed to take up a large portion of the lot, they said this home is more modest in size. If you are looking for a house that is not outrageously massive and is surrounded by nature, this is for you.

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