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Memories of a Titanic Night at Shangri-La Hong Kong

Mar 26, 2018 / Gastronomy

Enjoy a great Titanic experience at the refined dining restaurant and pair each meal with some of the best wines from the early 20th century.

New York Steakhouse Offers $50,000 Thanksgiving Meal

Nov 23, 2016 / Gastronomy

In what can only be described as outlandish, a New York steakhouse has launched a Thanksgiving meal made with the world’s finest ingredients for $50,000.

Hunting Season in Italy’s Truffle Country

Oct 24, 2016 / Gastronomy

Tis the season for truffle hunting in Italy’s Alba region. Tracking down edible fungi is an Italian obsession with some 200,000 active enthusiasts nationwide.

Is Cé La Vi Meal World’s Most Expensive?

Jul 10, 2016 / Gastronomy

A $2 million meal, touted as the world’s most expensive, awaits one lucky couple at the iconic dining space in Singapore.

Is Goop Smoothie Most Expensive?

Mar 18, 2016 / Beauty

A hefty price-tag may not stop some from adding this to their breakfast menu.

Michelin Reveals US Diners Spending Habits

Dec 10, 2015 / Gastronomy

The results show men more willing to splash out on a fancy meal than women, while diners on the West Coast are the biggest spenders.

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