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Focus: The Village @ Nukht, Mongolia

Jun 08, 2016 / Luxury Homes

We go to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to check out luxury property named The Village @ Nukht.

Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2016

Dec 28, 2015 / Travel

Here are the top picks for destinations in 2016, whether it be for the buzz they’re generating, for milestone anniversaries, or for being uncharted territory.

Louis Vuitton to Open a Store in Mongolia

Oct 18, 2009 / Fashion

Bloomberg reports that, according to Yves Carcelle, the brand’s chief executive officer, Louis Vuitton will open its first stores in Lebanon and in Mongolia this year. An unofficial source reported that the Louis Vuitton store in Ulaanbaatar will open on October 23rd 2009. “Sometimes in our industry there is a tendency to follow your ego […]

The Most Luxurious Trip in the World

Aug 05, 2009 / Lifestyle

Urbane Nomads, The new Singapore-based travel agency, caters to a new breed of savvy, well-travelled, restless individuals. They seek out the unique in every destination and bundle it with select accommodation and unusual travel modes. They are about to launch “The Most Luxurious Trip in the World” that will offer an experience like never before […]

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