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Behind The Demise Of Sonia Rykiel

Aug 07, 2019 / Fashion

Parisian clothing label Sonia Rykiel has been an icon of French fashion for over half a century. So how did the once sought-after brand find itself on the outs with consumers?

Chinese Luxury Retail: Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Apr 26, 2019 / Design

After close to decade of understated minimalist luxury following the global financial crisis, we are fast approaching the apex of maximalist luxury. What are millennials of the world’s largest market consuming?

Interview with Luxury and Retail Strategist Francis Srun

Feb 21, 2019 / The Lux List

In an interview with LUXUO, Francis Srun reveals some of the key trends in luxury selling

Gucci tops the 15 hottest luxury brands online in 2018

Oct 15, 2018 / Fashion

Luxury is in the midst of a deep digital transformation that goes beyond the shift in luxury retail. High-end brands now have access to innovative new means to reach and engage their affluent audience. New opportunities arise as luxury brands speak directly to their customers and position their offering in unique new ways. Words by Jonathan Parker

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