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Kering Appoints Google Executive Amid Metaverse Push

Apr 29, 2022 / Business of Luxury

Kering continues to demonstrate a glowing sign of the ever-growing relationship between tech and luxury.

BMW i Augmented Reality Visualizer

Feb 26, 2017 / Gadgets

Following a successful pilot, the BMW i Augmented Reality Visualizer—the world’s first automotive app to use Google’s Tango 3D AR technology—is now live on Google Play for anyone to download.

Bomber Jackets In, Transparent Clothes Out: Google

Aug 29, 2016 / Fashion

Yes the all-knowing search engine Google is reporting that the bomber jacket is ‘da bomb’ and see-through garments are passé.

Serpentine Galleries 2016 Pavilion Unveiled

Jun 10, 2016 / Design

This year’s summer pavilion by the famous British art gallery is ready and will be on display alongside a host of activities.

Future Alternatives: What’s Next For Chinese Cars?

Apr 26, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

In a country full of congestion and pollution problems, working on transport technologies may be the way to go.

Google testing new instant hotel booking feature

Jul 14, 2015 / Hotels

Google is beta testing a new feature that will allow users to instantly book a hotel room without leaving the search page.

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