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Wind Eaves by Kengo Kuma

Mar 08, 2016 / Design

This multi-purpose pavilion designed by architect Kengo Kuma stands on the grounds of The One Nanyuan, Taiwan.

W2 Chair by W2 Wood x Work

Jan 11, 2016 / Interiors

In an effort to reconnect with Chinese culture from centuries past, the W2 Chair takes its inspiration from the shapes typical of traditional benches.

Big Air: Haiku 60-inch Ceiling Fan

Jan 05, 2016 / Interiors

The Haiku 60 fan is the first Big Ass Fan designed with homes and small(ish) spaces in mind. It is the world’s most efficient, quiet, and sustainable ceiling fan.

Uncanny: X Chopsticks Rest by Woo Collective

Dec 29, 2015 / Design

Made of a special tin alloy, the X Chopsticks Rest is a set of double-purpose chopstick holders, created by the poetic souls of Taiwan’s Woo Collective.

Rhythm of Lattice by Artilize

Dec 25, 2015 / Design

The Rhythm of Lattice tableware set takes its key inspiration from the patterns on windows and doors in classic Chinese gardens.

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