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Big Air: Haiku 60-inch Ceiling Fan

The Haiku 60 fan is the first Big Ass Fan designed with homes and small(ish) spaces in mind. It is the world’s most efficient, quiet, and sustainable ceiling fan.

Jan 05, 2016 | By null

The Haiku 60 fan is the first from Big Ass Fans – a company that literally makes its tongue-in-cheek namesake in products – designed with homes and small spaces in mind. It is the world’s most efficient, quiet, and sustainable ceiling fan, according to the manufacturer’s notes and its Energy Star ranking. It might also be the biggest ceiling fan of its kind but we digress… The Haiku Fan combines a sleek minimalist look and sculpted fan blades with highly efficient operation. Equipped with a special ultra-efficient direct current (DC) motor, its precision hand-balancing and silent operation combine for impeccable performance. Haiku is handcrafted with premium materials, including sustainable Moso bamboo, durable glass-infused matrix composite, and polished aircraft-grade aluminum. Big Ass Fans introduced bamboo to their Haiku fans because huaren (Chinese people) naturally gravitate toward bamboo as a material.

Bamboo plays a vital role in huaren culture: its influence can be found in almost every facet of life and it has long been rooted in the history and culture of huaren. Bamboo symbolizes virtue, which reflects the soul and the emotions of a person. Designed by a team of engineers who recognized an opportunity to reinvent the ceiling fan, Haiku’s revolutionary technology hides inside the seamless fit and finish at its center. The fan’s Sensorless Drive Technology™ reportedly delivers nearly twice the efficiency of conventional ceiling fan motors.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, Haiku ceiling fans are frugal in their use of power, in the region of just 2-30 watts. A slim lightweight remote uses infrared signals to activate 10 control settings, including the exclusive Whoosh® (we love the names this Hong Kong company uses) mode to simulate the variations in natural airflow to make you feel 40 percent cooler than with steady airflow. Haiku’s patent-pending Thin Sheet™ airfoils span 60 inches (1.5m) and feature a unique aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth and silent airflow. After hand-balancing, each Haiku is tested for silence in a sound chamber to detect even the slightest imperfections.

This story was originally published in Form magazine.

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