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Solid gold Lionel Messi’s foot on sale in Japan

Mar 07, 2013 / Design

A pure gold replica of Barcelona football star Lionel Messi’s left foot, worth $5.2 million, was unveiled in Tokyo by Ginza Tanaka on Wednesday.

Golden Christmas tree on display in Tokyo

Nov 23, 2011 / Events

A nearly two million dollar golden Christmas tree has been put on display for the holiday season in Tokyo. Tokyo’s jewellery store Ginza Tanaka unveiled its 2.4 meters tall Golden Christmas Tree, which is made from 12 kilograms of pure gold, worth 1.95 million US dollars. It took 15 craftsmen four and a half months […]

Pure Gold 2011 Miffy Rabbit Calendar

Nov 30, 2010 / Collectibles

Japanese jewelry maker Ginza Tanaka has put on sale a 2011 calendar made of 6 kilograms of pure gold featuring popular Dutch rabbit character Miffy. The calendar measuring 64 centimeters by 40 centimeters is on sale at eight outlets of the company as well as online. The special solid gold Miffy calendar celebrates the “Year […]

Pure gold Stitch, Angel characters displayed in Tokyo

Jul 22, 2010 / Jewellery

Walt Disney’s animated characters Stitch and his girlfriend Angel made of pure gold are displayed at the jewelry shop Ginza Tanaka in central Tokyo. Made with about 280 grams of pure gold, the 15cm high figure is priced at 5 million yen ($57,000).

Japan’s Mount Fuji in Gold

Dec 22, 2009 / Travel

Renowned jewelry maker Ginza Tanaka has shaped out Mount Fuji in pure Gold. The gold creation weighing 3 kg and sized at 6cm in height and 22cm in width has a price of 11.73 million yen ($132,000 USD). Touted to be one of the three Holy Mountains of Japan, Mount Fuji is also the highest […]

Gold beer mug launches in Japan

Jun 22, 2009 / Billionaires

June is the traditional start of the Japanese rainy season and you can be golden for showers with this solid gold mug that is so appropriate for getting through this Great Recession. Worth $50,000, the item has been introduced as part of gold manufacturer Ginza Tanaka’s latest collection. The firm has created the Summer Cool […]

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