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Flying Has Never Been This Smooth Sailing

Sep 03, 2019 / Jets

All aboard the Skyacht One, an aircraft that’s equal parts private jet and luxury multihull.

Breaking Time Barrier with Supersonic Business Jet

Dec 31, 2017 / Jets

Aerion is working with Lockheed Martin and GE Aviation to develop the world’s first supersonic business jet, imbuing new aerodynamics, new engines, and the capabilities of the largest producer of supersonic aircraft.

Gulfstream Flies Higher, Faster, Farther

May 24, 2016 / Jets

Traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles, the business jet managed it in 12 hours and 40 minutes with an average speed of Mach 0.86.

NetJets unveils Art Basel tail

Jun 17, 2015 / Art Republik

To mark its 12th year as the event’s official partner, NetJets Europe commissioned design firm Timorous Beasties to decorate one of its fleet.

Honda unveils first business jet

Apr 25, 2015 / Jets

Honda, known for its motorbikes and cars, is now producing jet planes as it ventures into the highly competitive business jet market.

Gulfstream unveils two new business jets

Oct 20, 2014 / Jets

On Oct. 14, 2014, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. introduced an all-new family of business jets: the Gulfstream G500 and G600.

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