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Bovet Sergio Split-Second Chronograph: In The Fast Lane

May 15, 2014 / World of Watches (WOW)

Once again Bovet has collaborated with the independent Italian car design firm Pininfarina, presenting yet another auto-inspired complication that melds sporty timekeeping with refined watchmaking. The Sergio Split-Second Chronograph conveys the sleek design codes and signature style of the Pininfarina company with a unique dial with four lowered segments, one each for the 30-minute counter, […]

Bovet Récital 15 Collection Dimier: The Elder Sibling

May 15, 2014 / World of Watches (WOW)

Presented jointly with the Récital 12 Monsieur Dimier, Récital 15 Collection Dimier is based on the new Calibre Virtuoso II Spécialité Horlogère Dimier 1783, but not without additional technical enhancements. Like the Récital 12, this watch is characterised by its indications on a horizontal axis, but in place of a regular hour and minute dial, […]

Bovet Récital 12 Monsieur Dimier: Five Years’ Time

May 15, 2014 / World of Watches (WOW)

A promise made in 2008, the Récital 12 Monsieur Dimier took Bovet five years to deliver, but it was definitely worth the wait. Developed and manufactured entirely by the Dimier manufacture, this time-only movement boasts a unique and breath-taking architecture featuring partial openworking, an off-centred dial, and completely exposed wheels for the triple seconds hand. […]

Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III: Breathtaking Achievement

May 15, 2014 / World of Watches (WOW)

There are some watches so beautiful that they literally take your breath away, and the Amadeo Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III is one such watch. Laying eyes on this grande complication feels like having the wind knocked out of our lungs – but in a good way. Seldom does one find a perpetual calendar watch more […]

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