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Sotheby’s To Auction 15.10 Carat Vivid Blue Diamond For $48M

Feb 21, 2022 / Jewellery

Taking hundreds of aeons to form and recently unearthed, the largest rare blue gem is going on sale at US$48 million in Hong Kong.

New Blue Diamond is World's Clearest

Apr 23, 2019 / Jewellery

Botswana’s state-owned Okavango Diamond Company unveiled the biggest blue diamond ever discovered in the Southern Africa country and it’s truly a rare gem

Rare Blue Diamond Sold for $17.1 million: Sotheby’s

Nov 19, 2016 / Jewellery

Earlier this week, a rare blue diamond was sold for $17.1 million during Sotheby’s autumn jewel auctions in Geneva.

3 Magnificent Jewels & Noble Jewels Auction Lots

Oct 26, 2016 / Jewellery

The prestigious auction house is set to present a rare and regal collection before the auction next month.

Top Auction Sales 2015 vs 2016

Aug 02, 2016 / Auctions

Stellar auction results from last year and this year continue to inspire confidence in luxury goods but a slowdown is definitely underway.

Is Cé La Vi Meal World’s Most Expensive?

Jul 10, 2016 / Lifestyle

A $2 million meal, touted as the world’s most expensive, awaits one lucky couple at the iconic dining space in Singapore.

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