WOW Thailand Summer 2020 is Your Much-Needed Distraction During This Stressful Time

Bangkok, 11 March 2020 – The 22nd issue of World of Watches Thailand will transport you far from the reality of health concerns, financial turmoil and other challenges. It does so with meticulously curated content to keep you occupied with the many aspects of the world of watches, pun certainly intended.

Mar 23, 2020 | By Ruckdee Chotjinda

“Global and national incidents combine to cast a dubious light on this new year. Most watch and non- watch events in Bangkok and elsewhere in the region were cancelled out of concern for the Covid-19 virus situation. After our March issue went to print, Watches & Wonders and Baselworld dutifully made the same announcement,” says Editor-in-Chief Ruckdee Chotjinda. “These circumstances have the potential to undermine the diversity of our content. However, you have our promise to deliver the level of print and online coverage quality you have come to expect from World of Watches Thailand.”

Apart from the individual watch highlights, this WOW Thailand Summer 2020 issue includes a dedicated feature story on sportive watches on bracelet, a thematic photo spread of colourful timepieces and fruits, a focus on blue dialled watches, five CEO/brand owner interviews and an opinion piece on the under popularity of square watches.

“The selections in the various sections of this March issue should keep your shopping mind occupied for the time being. Cheers and see you in the June issue when we bring more novelties to your attention,” concludes Ruckdee.

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