TAG Heuer: Bella Hadid Link Special Edition

TAG Heuer unveils special edition watch designed for a Supermodel and Brand Ambassador to celebrate an important partnership

Dec 07, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

TAG Heuer: Bella Hadid Link Special Edition

Bella Hadid may just be 20 years of age but she has already made a name for herself as an icon of the fashion world. The Californian beauty has walked the runway for several luxury fashion brands and, of course, has been voted Model of the Year since her first break into the modelling industry in 2014.

Both it Girl and supermodel, Bella Hadid has garnered the fastest growing fan-base, totalling to 17 million followers on social media networks in 2016. Given the high demands in the world of modelling, it seems like she is handling herself quite well – her extraordinary lifestyle and stratospheric fame with poise and maturity. That’s probably she knows exactly what she wants, what she likes, and what she wants to achieve.

Many popular models who made their breakthroughs had gone on to become actresses and ambassadors for luxury labels and represented other trendy fashion brands, started boutiques, created their fashion labels and handbags, and even perfumes. For divine Bella Hadid, her significant contributions doesn’t just stop there.

TAG Heuer unveils special edition watch designed for the star to celebrate an important partnership

Forging a close partnership with TAG Heuer, Bella Hadid lends her fresh, toned and youthful image to Swiss avant-garde watchmaking. The special edition Link watch created by TAG Heur for the star emphasises the glamorous and vivacious side of the divine Bella. And being the most feminine watch in the entire watch collection, the limited edition Bella Hadid combines matt black with the magnificent mother-of-pearl dial, studded with 12 diamonds, made entirely from ceramic. The bracelet has the famous Link design that is polished to perfection with a luxe touch and is flexible to wear on the wrist.

The grace and elegance clearly reflected her emotions, which are at times light-hearted, profound and mysterious, but always with a clear artistic sense which is deeply personal, that Millennials can relate to, with whom the Swiss watch brand is currently reconnecting.

The TAG Heuer “Link Lady Bella Hadid” watch

The 48 diamonds are the most prominent embellishment on the bezel set, while the back case has the star’s signature engraved. Thanks to the sublime detail, the limited edition of Bella Hadid watch encapsulated the elegance, glamour and full of character – just like Bella herself.

Limited to 500 pieces, this special edition is sure to delight any woman!

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