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Rolex Opens Largest Singapore Store

Opened by Singapore watch retailer Cortina Watch last week in a stunning ceremony, this 513-sqm store at Marina Square has space to spare.

Sep 03, 2016 | By Staff Writer

If you’re an F1 driver weaving your way across the Singapore street circuit, you might notice (if you’re a watch geek and are comfortably in the lead) that one of the Rolex logos on track is quite out of place. Well, that isn’t one of the many logos that will decorate the track area. In fact, it is a symbol of Singapore newest and largest Rolex store – also one of the largest Rolex boutiques in the world. Make no mistake though, this isn’t just about size; this is about an experience we like to call Green Heaven.

Green of course is the color of Swiss watchmaker Rolex but don’t expect some sort of parody of St Patrick’s Day or something, with a serving of the Dropkick Murphy’s or Van Morrison. Rolex is resolutely Swiss so perhaps, when you drop in, you could suggest that the bar stock Swiss wines (seriously underrated) and raclette.

Opened by Singapore watch retailer Cortina Watch last week in a stunning ceremony (complete with green cocktails, a sumptuous cheese spread and a gigantic whole tuna!), this 513-sqm store at Marina Square has space to spare. Part of this space is dedicated to a permanent exhibit called the Rolex Exhibition, which showcases the passion, heritage and commitment to excellence that characterize Rolex. It has also has some of our favorite watches, including the Sky-Dweller and the new (for 2016) Air-King.

Rolex Opens Largest Singapore Store

“The opening of the Rolex Exhibition marks another evolution in Singapore’s luxury watch retail landscape,” said Jeremy Lim, Chief Operating Officer of Cortina Watch. “We believe that the Rolex Exhibition will draw customers closer to the spirit of Rolex, as they gain a better understanding of the brand’s constant pursuit of excellence and innovation, and receive the world-class customer experience that Rolex is renowned for.”

There are three themes to the exhibition, The Rolex Way, The World of Rolex and Rolex and the deep, each of which shines a spotlight on something Rolex is famous for. Rolex and the deep, for example, celebrates the nautical exploits of the brand synonymous with the Submariner and Sea-Dweller, to say nothing of the Oyster. If this confuses you at all, you should definitely drop in at the store and get some knowledge.

The World of Rolex is perhaps what people know best about Rolex. This includes the opening paragraph of this story, meaning the involvement and association of Rolex with international sports like Formula One. From racing, polo and sailing to the world of the arts, Rolex keeps the time and sets the pace. This is the place to discover how the brand’s longstanding philanthropic efforts are making the world a better place.

The Rolex Way gets into the philosophy of watchmaking at Rolex, from the time of founder Hans Wilsdorf. This is our favorite part of the exhibition because it is both what we love best about Rolex and yet also what manufacture is most secretive about – Rolex watches don’t have exhibition casebacks so you can’t see the movement.

Rolex Opens Largest Singapore Store

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