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On Newsstands: WOW Spring 22

Issue #64 of WOW looks back on the novelties of 2021 from the perspective of value protection, as the editors examine if watches can really be investment vehicles.

Mar 28, 2022 | By World of Watches

The new year brings new challenges, and a welcome return of some Before Times staples, which are the subjects preoccupying the WOW Singapore team in the Spring 2022 issue. While this is technically the first issue of the new year, it is really the last issue of the year that was in horology. And what a year it was!

 Indeed, the cover watch is one that pays tribute to the past: the Blancpain Air Command. WOW comes to grips with this true collector’s favourite, which also happens to be a superb break from the onslaught of luxury sports watches and dive watches that marked 2021 — a tsunami that began as a swell in 2016.

 Speaking of which, the main feature section of the Spring issue takes an in-depth look at so-called investment grade watches and even entire brands. Of course no such discussion would be complete without a selection of under-the-radar watches, which we have curated, as per our tradition since 2020.

Finally, the leaders of HYT, Norqain, Zenith and Van Cleef & Arpels speak with the editors on their next moves, and what moves the market. 

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