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On Newsstands: WOW Malaysia Summer 2020 Refresh and Realign

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Aug 07, 2020 | By Asaph Low

As the pandemic rages on around the world, we are thankful for the brilliant continuous support shown to us by our fans, the watch retailers and the watch brands. So here we are, with our World of Watches Summer 2020 issue. Even though it may have arrived a little late, the information remains current and relevant especially with the hard work that has been put into making this glorious compendium of horological information just for you. 

It can be said that young Swiss watch brand, Daumier Swiss is representative of the ‘forever trendy lifestyle’. Their collections of finely crafted watches can be segmented into several different pillars but the focus now falls upon the new Devia collection. Brought into existence to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Justice League, the watches are made specifically for watch enthusiasts and fans of the Superheroes in the Warner Bros. Justice League movie. In our cover story this issue, read about the significance of each model of the Devia watch and how they are related to their respective Superheroes.

Studio Ghibli fans would definitely want to pay attention. We have the scoop on Seiko’s Presage ‘Porco Rosso’ – watches made with appreciation for Japanese animation and lovingly inspired by the widely acclaimed feature-length film “Porco Rosso” which was created by the famous Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli in 1992.

Corum shows us that the Admiral collection is here to stay even after six decades of iconic watches. With the collection embodying Corum’s maritime watchmaking heritage and being emblematic of the Corum DNA, the Admiral is, today, still instantly recognizable. A new Corum Admiral 42 Bronze now comes, showcasing all that is great with its predecessors while incorporating a desirable new case.

Rado’s mastery to high-tech ceramics is reflected in the irresistible Rado True Thinline Anima. We proudly feature this desirable ultra-thin watch that gives us a glimpse of the future of watchmaking. The striking lightweight olive-green is nigh-scratchproof and reminds us that watchmaking is not only about the past.

50 years after the NASA Apollo 13 mission, read about the role that OMEGA’s Speedmaster Professional played in that amazing true story; the ‘successful failure’ that led to OMEGA being presented NASA’s “Silver Snoopy Award”.

Jacob & Co. remains close at the fine edge of avant-garde watchmaking and complete mastery of trends with their flamboyant ode to women that is the Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin along with the tribute to the famous classic of cinema with their Opera Scarface watch.

We are keeping a close eye to the Malaysian watch brand and retail scenes especially in these difficult times. In fact, the scene is buzzing as all parties involved are trying their absolute best to keep up the momentum and retain the excitement that has been building up over the years. 

The aforementioned stories are just some of the many other features on the finest of watches that we feature in this issue. During these times of social distancing, big events and launches have been cancelled and today, there are many learnings to be gained from the activities conducted by watch brands to present to us their latest timepieces. As such, we can confidently say that we are not short of information to share with you, our precious audience! The message from all of us is that all is definitely not lost! Please stay tuned as we keep up with these happenings and do look out for the Summer 2020 issue of World of Watches at your local newsstands. Why not pick up a copy of the magazine or, even better, subscribe to receive the magazines at your convenience?

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