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On Newsstands: WOW Malaysia Festive 2020

Let’s celebrate togetherness as we close the year with our Festive issue!

Dec 23, 2020 | By World of Watches

Hello again folks! We hope you are in the best of health and have been keeping an eye on the latest watch releases. We’re already at the tail end of the year but it feels like things are just starting — especially for the future! So strap on the seatbelts and get ready for a whole new ride! World of Watches strives hard to continue as the leading publication in watches in Malaysia as we push through the pandemic right into 2021! Here is but a glimpse of what we have to show you in this final issue of 2020!

The Chanel J12 Paradoxe is our cover watch for this issue and marks the culmination of two decades of excellence in watchmaking from the House of Chanel. Discover the journey of the timeless Chanel J12, its landmark timepieces as well as the celebratory watches created by the brand for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the watch.

In the season where the Wonder Woman 1984 movie is finally launched onto the silver screen, Daumier brings forth its Devia watch dedicated to the foremost of superheroines. Get enraptured in its golden glow as we savour the new movie and let our imaginations fly with positive thoughts of greatness and the strength of the human spirit!

Cartier’s iconic Santos is given the ADLC treatment to bring new clothes to the already famous classic. The distinctive shape of the Santos coupled with the ultra-tough carbon coating gives the legend a twist and refreshes it in the minds of all enthusiasts.

WOW interviews Patek Philippe’s CEO, Thierry Stern to understand more about the current company direction and the market surrounding it. Read about the insights from the stalwart of the watch industry as we speak to him and see how Patek Philippe is adapting to the pandemic environment.

Our twelve page Festive Guide offers some ideas for the perfect watch gift for you or your loved ones. Without a doubt, perusing this guide will allow you a chance to not only know what fine timepieces are available today but also spark your imagination when thinking about the ideal gift to celebrate the year-end festivities and joyous occasions!

It is not just about the aforementioned stories – we have much more to offer within our pages. As you will see, we have prepare quite a bumper issue for you to dive into this year end. Our Festive issue aims to be the perfect closure for 2020 and also prepare you for the upcoming New Year when we are sure that it will be a different horological journey for many of us. We encourage you to stay tuned as we continue to share the latest happenings with you. Look out for the Festive 2020 issue of World of Watches at your local newsstands or, even better, subscribe to us to receive the magazines at your convenience.

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