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Geert Koster Crafts a Modern Larch-Clad Country House in Val Tidone

Geert Koster recreates the essence of sustainable country life without incorporating predictable country styles.

Dec 23, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

The Country House by Geert Koster

Set amidst the scenic hills of Italy’s Val Tidone, this modern larch-clad house, designed by Milanese architect and Studio Koster founder Geert Koster, was conceptualized to be a weekend getaway for a client based in Milan, who sought a countryside safe haven for spending time with her partner and dogs. Dubbed the Country House, this barn-inspired residence showcases a contemporary layout, with plenty of space for entertaining guests.

Characterized by expansive living and dining spaces which open up to the broader landscape, the Country House comes complete with four generous double bedrooms, and individual en-suite bathrooms. Rather than mimicking the design of traditional farmhouses, Geert Koster based his construction on the agricultural barns found in this region – reinterpreting the single-story, gabled forms of these wooden structures to create a minimal, modern aesthetic.

Through eliminating bricks, exposed stone, terracotta floors and roof tiles, Geert Koster was able to recreate the essence of country life without incorporating predictable country styles. With the addition of non-invasive architecture, the Country House is able to integrate seamlessly “with the beauty of the flowing hills and its natural agricultural scenery, without the rustic feeling”.

Clad in larch, high ceilings and large barn-style doors, the residence is dotted by innumerable outdoor patios, to create a wild and varied garden designed by landscape architect Antonio Perazzi, the Country House has been temporarily furnished with Flexform products, which were meticulously selected to complement the house’s minimal interior finishes. Featuring concrete floors, lava stone tiles, white lime tempera paint and a reclaimed wood kitchen, the Country House was designed to uphold the highest standards of sustainability, making optimum use of solar energy and radiant heat, alongside incorporating a geothermal heating/cooling system and biodynamic farming.

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