New watches, SIHH 2017: HYT releases the limited-edition Skull Pocket timepiece

Taking the plunge into pocket watches for the first time, HYT creates a timepiece which draws inspiration from the original Skull watch, while updating its design and features

Apr 29, 2017 | By Jamie Tan
The HYT Skull Pocket's case has been upsized from 51 millimetres to 59 millimetres

The HYT Skull Pocket’s case has been upsized from 51 millimetres to 59 millimetres

Melding fluid dynamics with the principles of mechanical gearing in watchmaking has been HYT’s raison d’être since its inception, and the brand has created numerous variations on the theme of time indication using liquids. The latest from these self-styled hydromechanical horologists is the Skull Pocket, which places the familiar Skull watch in a pocket watch format a first for HYT while updating its design and features.

Reading the time on the Skull Pocket remains unchanged. In lieu of hands, a fluid module marks the time with two immiscible liquids, whose relative levels in the glass tube are controlled by the alternating expansion and contraction of the flexible bellows at six o’clock. The bellows’ motions are, in turn, driven by a mechanical movement, which also drives the spinning discs in the skull’s eyes to mark the running seconds and power reserve. Twice a day at six o’clock, when the green liquid completely fills the glass tube, the bellows “reset” themselves and send the green liquid leftwards in a retrograde motion, before the liquids resume their clockwise trek again.

Fluid module aside, the Skull Pocket also has the lighting system that debuted in the H4 Metropolis. Winding and pushing the crown at four o’clock tightens and releases a spring respectively to drive a dynamo, which converts the spring’s mechanical motion into electricity. This powers the two LEDs at six o’clock that then bathe the dial in blue light for around five seconds a relatively novel way to display the time in the dark sans luminescent paint or batteries. The play with light is accentuated by the updated dial design, which sports a faceted skull on a black background executed in the Clous de Paris guilloché pattern.

Dial view of the HYT Skull Pocket

Dial view of the HYT Skull Pocket

The Skull Pocket’s case has been upsized from 51 millimetres to 59 millimetres, with the original’s lugs making way for a chain attachment and a hinged lid à la hunter-style pocket watches of yore. An all-titanium construction keeps the watch manageable weight-wise despite its size. This watch is limited to eight pieces.


Movement Hand-wound HYT calibre with fluid module
Power Reserve 65-hour
Case 59-millimetre in titanium and DLC-coated titanium
Water Resistance Up to 50 metres
Strap Titanium chain with titanium swivel clasp
Price Unavailable

This article was originally published in WOW.

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