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Armani/Casa at Milan: Light At Play

The luxury interiors department of the famous fashion brand showcases exquisite embroidery at the Milan Furniture Fair

Apr 20, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The Milan Furniture Fair has its fair share of Fashion Designers trying out their hand at interior decoration including Bottega Veneta and Versace. Armani/Casa, the luxury interiors division of the Giorgio Armani group, featured a specially designed space located within Corso Venezia. With minimalist furniture and soft natural lighting mediated through exquisite embroideries, the whole space has a tasteful tinge to it that carries a zen-like appeal. While it never made it into our own lists for the Salon Mobile this year, our friends at Men’s Folio Singapore liked enough to go big on it.

For more information, you can check out Men’s Folio here.

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