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Meet the Family: Rado True Watch collection

The six piece series of Rado True watches is a cohesive joining of individual design talents which understand and respect Rado’s unique position on advanced materials and high tech ceramics.

Nov 15, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

IDEO founder Tim Brown (yes, he led the team of designers who designed one of the world’s most iconic (and first) computer mouse in 1979) once said, “Design is everywhere, inevitably everyone is a designer.” Brown wasn’t inferring that everyone is a designer but expressing that everyone, by virtue of their differing tastes and feel for aesthetics, probably has a different take on what makes “design” attractive. This also means that for companies like Rado, design collaborations like what the Swiss watchmaker has executed with the Rado True collection can be double edged.

Collaborative creative projects of this nature are not just about uniting necessary skills in order to get a job done, but also requiring the joining of mutually exclusive skills in order to create a designer collaboration of such chemistry that it ignites creativity, such as what we have noticed in the Rado True collection.

“Too many cooks spoil the soup” is a maxim which describes the potential for design disaster if there’s a certain rigidity to ideas and visions which force you to constantly re-assess and fight your collaborative partner on his aesthetic choices. Which in this instance, Rado CEO Matthias Breschan was definitely cogniscient off when he picked only partners which perfect embodied the “Radospirit”.

As a result, what we see today in the six piece series of Rado True watches is a cohesive joining of individual design talents which understand and respect Rado’s unique position on advanced materials and high tech ceramics.

Meet the Family: Rado True Watch collection

Rado True Blaze with Sam Amoia

“The True Blaze has such a powerful visual impact, which makes it the perfect embodiment of the Radospirit. Adding Sam Amoia’s unique design sensibility to our collection is a huge enrichment, both for the brand and for our customers.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan

The first in the series of six watches, Sam Amoia’s inspiration for the Rado True Blaze draws upon nature’s majesty through simple, honest materials; in creating the True Blaze, Amoia has created something interesting yet still clean and sculptural. Layered with texture, his design approach is strongest reflected in the dial of the True Blaze. More importantly, it was something which reflected his aesthetic and personal design philosophy, taking his experience with galvanic processes that replicates the crystalline structure of diamond powder.

As a result, Sam Amoia’s Rado True Blaze has the face which captures ostentatious glittery explosion with minimalist feel thanks to the simple gold indexes and subtle Rado logo imbuing the Blaze with a sophisticated aesthetic.

Big Game’s Rado True Phospho

“With the True Phospho they succeeded in creating something quintessentially Rado: simple, beautiful and innovative.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan

The second in the series of six watches, Big Game doesn’t overhaul the fundamental nature of the Rado True collection in so far as playing up its unique aspects – a necessary ingredient in successful design collaboration. Big-Game embraces minimalism while simultaneously adopting playful, unexpected maximalist attitudes thanks to the perforated black brass dial of the Rado True Phospho which not just allows the myriad of mechanical elements to peek through but also framed with the high tech, Tron-like afterglow of geometrically shaped SuperLumiNova indexes.

According to the team at Big-Game, “We like the contrast between the matt black ceramic and the phosphorescent Super-LumiNova coating, this colour is not only beautiful, but also functional, as it allows the wearer to read the time in the dark ”

Philippe Nigro’s Rado True Cyclo

“I love the clean simplicity of the True Cyclo, this is a timepiece that radiates an air of purpose and versatility. Philippe Nigro’s vision of minimalism is a perfect addition to the Rado collection.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan

The third in the series of six watches, the Rado True Cyclo never forces its perspective on you, allowing you to make of it what you will – much like a theatre’s cycloram – an infinite canvas to express any mood. Again, this respectful ‘alliance’ rather than an outright dominant application of designer’s own vision is an example of the wise decision in working with Nigro.

Standing in contrast, are the hands, logo, and rounded, recessed indexes all feature the same slightly contrasting grey-coloured finish – the Rado True Cyclo is minimal yet highly detailed. Housed within a matt black high-tech ceramic case houses the creation, the True Cyclo hugs your wrist with tapered ceramicized titanium end pieces attached to a sleek black leather strap

Kunihiko Morinaga’s Rado True Shadow

“Kunihiko Morinaga is a brilliant designer who isn’t afraid to experiment, his work with innovative materials is pushing boundaries in the fashion world, and Rado is proud to have transferred his vision into watchmaking with the new True Shadow.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan

The fourth in a series of six watches, the Rado True Shadow builds upon Morinaga’s pioneering work on photochromic fabrics. Kunihiko Morinaga blends both the scientific and humanist perspectives of technology in his collection of daily wear garments and then applies this unique sensibility and philosophy to the True Shadow.

The Rado True Shadow, built from Rado’s signature material, polished high tech ceramics is joined by an equally high concept execution – photo chromatic or photo catalytic technology – the process by which previously transparent crystal can turn opaque when bathed in specific spectrums of light. Here, the shiny midnight black surfaces of the True Shadow are joined with duality of Morinaga’s design philosophy – making things visible that were originally invisible.

Oskar Zieta’s Rado True Face

“I first got to know Oskar’s work when we featured his incredible blown-up metal mirrors and stools in our lightness-inspired pop-up gallery last year. I’m really pleased that we could work together to bring his vision into the Rado collection. The True Face is not only beautiful, but also a great design achievement.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan

Housed in matt grey high-tech ceramic case, the Rado True Face takes its name from the high gloss, highly reflective dial, courtesy of the FiDU technique pioneered by Zieta – satin finished neutral grey case and bracelet plays up the reflective metallic concave dial, each in harmonious synergy with the other – the matted surface appears more matt while the sheen of the glossy dial appears just that little more shiny.

In the latest design collaboration with Rado, the innovative Zieta creates the Rado True Face using his signature reflective metal technique, reinforcing the Swiss watchmaker’s modern philosophy for high-tech materials and construction techniques.

Rainer Mutsch’s Rado True Stratum

“The Rado True Stratum is a beautiful blend of technique, functionality and emotion, Rainer Mutsch truly understands the nature of good design, and we’re very happy to have his work in the Rado collection.” – Rado CEO Matthias Breschan.

Growing up in the carpenters workshop of his father, Rainer developed a keen sense balance (honed from with human scale measures) and responsible design. The essence of his creative work on the Rado True Stratum is emblematic of Rainer’s trademark style – the black dial of the True Stratum features delicate, asymmetrically arranged descending steps that emphasize the three dimensionality of the concave surface, an invitation to follow the path to the soul of the watch, the contrast seconds hand sweeping and evoking to emotions of what makes mechanical watches so thoroughly engaging – Rainer has infused the True Stratum with passion so its spirit prevails when it stands on its own.

Much of Rainer’s exploration of new materials and production techniques is evident and the True Stratum is informed by his commitment to elegance, simplicity and precision; an element he plays up with the small sapphire glass window on caseback, which gives the wearer a glimpse of the automatic movement within.


The Rado True Designers’ Series is available at:
Rado Boutique, Marina Bay Sands, #B1-86


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