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Here’s Why Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold Watch Is So Captivating

2023 is a milestone year for the Hublot Big Bang as they merge with Manufacture’s Magic Gold Alloy in a partnership steeped in invention and innovation.

Jul 10, 2023 | By Ashok Soman

Though we remain entrenched in the era of the steel watch, we like to be surprised by something like the Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, which is cased in the eponymous proprietary material. As mentioned in the WOW Summer issue this year (and soon online too), Magic Gold is an amazing composite (for the record, Hublot calls it an alloy) that absolutely qualifies as 18k gold, and there is nothing quite like it in watchmaking. We wish Hublot would make more watches in this toughest-of-all-golds (hardened steel has a Vickers hardness rating of 600; Magic Gold clocks in at 1,000 Vickers) but the scarcity adds to the appeal, no doubt. The new Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold is a limited edition of just 200 pieces. 

Here is what Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe had to say about the new Full Magic Gold watch: “We first launched it in 2005, which means that this year, the Big Bang is turning eighteen! A major milestone for Hublot, but also for the industry, in that it created not only its own look, spirit, universe, and technical achievements, but also its own large community of fans and collectors. At the same time, at 18, it remains as fresh and carefree as the day it was released. The Big Bang still has a lot to say. The proof is in this “Full Magic Gold” version, which truly embodies the essence of our Manufacture.”


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Yes the Hublot Big Bang is 18, and we know that will make some of you feel wistful; this writer joins you in this. The all-grown-up-now Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold retains its youthful spirit and, to our minds, uses its Magic Gold innovation to remind the industry that the brand really advances traditional watchmaking. Some snarky observers should also at least admit that Magic Gold is pretty cool, if for nothing else than the very adult posture of recognising merit where it is obvious. This digression aside, the Full Magic Gold watch is the first Big Bang model to be offered in such a form. The complex three-part case structure of the Big Bang means that Hublot often mixes materials with it, but this Unico model is pure luxurious class. 


Marking this class is the relatively recent manufacture Unico 2 (Hub 1280) chronograph calibre. One of the most noticeable features of this movement is that the column wheel is visible dial side, which is partially due to the use of a horizontal clutch here. Of course, Hublot has long favoured skeletonised dials, or done away with them altogether so this is an example of function following form, perhaps. In any case, Hublot is well positioned to take advantage here and does so to grand effect.


As always, bear in mind the dimensions of any given Big Bang model, with this Full Magic Gold model being 4mm in diameter and 14.5mm thick. The lug-to-lug specifications are not available but we think it must be around 54mm so more modest wrists will find this a challenge. The watch is water-resistant to 100m, and calibre HUB 1280 has a claimed power reserve of 72 hours. The strap here is structured rubber, but the watch uses the Hublot One-Click interchangeable system so pairing options abound.

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