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Blancpain Supports World Oceans Day 2021

The presenting partner of the United Nations International Day invites you to discover all the good work that has been done – and what remains to be achieved.

Jun 08, 2021 | By Ashok Soman

What have you done for the world’s oceans lately? It’s the United Nations World Oceans Day so this question is pertinent, although we need not only think of this once a year, given the outsized role the oceans play in making our planet habitable. This year’s theme, Oceans: Life and Livelihoods, reminds us all that our oceans do not only enable our existence, they also play a vital role in securing our livelihoods. The oceans are, as the UN puts it “the lungs of our Planet and a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere.” Given that we are based in Singapore, you might think that we do not need much of a reminder of this. The presenting partner of this International Day is Swiss watchmaker Blancpain, and this makes us think about the immense popularity of dive watches, none of which would be possible without the oceans and the seas. 

The idea of the dive watch, whether you wear one for sport or just because you like those sorts of watches, is deeply rooted in the spirit of exploring our planet’s watery habitats. These days, it is also connected with the notion of preserving the oceans, which watchmakers such as Blancpain, a pioneer in creating dive watches, are very much a part of. It is certainly not just lip service. The Blancpain Ocean Commitment initiative has partnered, over the years, with such commendable efforts as the Pristine Seas expeditions and The Economist’s World Ocean Initiative, as well as Laurent Ballesta’s Gombessa project (some of which we have covered right here). The watchmaker has, to date, supported the protection of 1.2% of the world’s oceans, or 20% of all protected areas, working towards the UN’s modest target of 30% by 2030. There is an ocean of content on about this, and other important work. If you own a Fifty Fathoms watch, this is yet another reason to feel good about your timepiece, although clearly, much work remains to be done. 

Of course, it is not only Blancpain involved here, so get to grips with more information about what you can do on the official website for World Oceans Day. And remember that this is not a once-a-year affair. Just look at your dive watch if you need a reminder. 

All images courtesy of Blancpain

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