Bedazzled Chanel ‘Code Coco’ Watch stood out at Paris Fashion Week

French luxury label, Chanel offers the ‘Code Coco’ watch in two versions, with one exceptional set featuring a steel bezel adorned with brilliant cut diamonds and a studded princess cut diamond on its dial

Dec 05, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The bedazzled Chanel ‘Code Coco’ Watch stood out at Paris Fashion Week

The new Chanel ‘Code Coco’ watch is a unique creation by the French luxury fashion and jewellery brand, designed to be more than a watch, which could also be worn as a stylish bracelet. This is another signature creation of Chanel that has put a new iteration on the watch world.

Available in two versions, ‘Code Coco’ watch presents the first (ref. H5144) in steel bezel set with diamond on the black lacquered dial. The steel case is sleek, measuring at 38.1 x 21.5 x 7.8 mm with a classy touch that represents the finesse of Chanel’s luxury watchmaking, fine jewellery and artistic skill.

Each exceptional version of the watch asserts its individual personality enhanced by their elegance. The ‘Code Coco’ watch features a high precision quartz movement, steel bracelet strap, the clasp and quilted motif on the watch’s bracelet, and water resistance up to 30m.

While the second version is an exceptional piece of ‘Code Coco’ watch (ref. H5145), featuring 52 brilliant cut diamonds on the steel bezel set. The diamond code was particularly chosen by The House to adorn the elegant timepieces as diamond was Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite.

Each asserts its individual personality, going beyond style

To draw a parallel to that, no two diamonds are the same and each diamond expresses its own uniqueness in terms of personality and character, comparable to that of each stone’s beauty, proportions and symmetry. These form the exclusiveness of a diamond set that cannot be duplicated.

Of all gemstones, Gabrielle Chanel described the graphic beauty and clarity of the diamond beautifully in her own words: “If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents, in its density, the greatest value in the smallest volume.”

Rather than a classic folding clasp, the clasp code named “Mademoiselle”, derived from the 2.55 handbag complement the crisscrosses quilted motif on the steel strap – a signature emblem created by Chanel since 1955, now frequently seen in fashion shows and on handbags, watches and even jewellery. The clasp can be positioned horizontally or vertically, sealing the watch with an exclusive flourish.

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