Lamborghini’s Electric Car

Lamborghini defines the requirements of the third millennium in terms of energy storage and innovative materials to secure the most emotional and ultimate driving experience.

Dec 05, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Lamborghini’s Electric Car

Lamborghini in partnership with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has released the Terzo Millennio car concept, a third millennium sports-car, which operates on electricity instead of gasoline. With Terzo Millennio, the model car is the most important car to be launched as a fully electric car and as an embodiment of everything the brand stands for: Energy, Innovation in Materials, Powertrain and Vehicle Architecture, Sound and Emotion.

To make the most out of the benefits offered by electrification, the accumulation system is made to be power-oriented and symmetrical. Since today’s batteries are not enough and taking the plunge to innovate is needed: Lamborghini aims to develop an innovative super capacitor that is able to close the gap with conventional batteries in terms of energy density, preserving an outstanding power density.

Innovation in Materials: focus on performance, recovering potential energy loss and conduct its own health-monitoring

According to Lamborghini, it has two targets to achieve: first, to “reduce weight and to increase the availability of electric energy using structural electric energy storing composites as a rechargeable battery.” Thus, there’s a need to improve the nano material technology to “diffuse nano-charges in CFK-based panels able to store electric energy and in the meantime to form the body and structures of the car.”

Second, with the combined technology to monitor the whole carbon fiber structure and to provide for the Terzo Millennio the ability to conduct its own health-monitoring. This includes “detecting cracks and damages throughout its substructure, while limiting or reducing to zero the risks correlated to the presence and propagation of cracks in the carbon fiber structure.”

In terms of packaging, the Terzo Millennio enhanced its aerodynamics and subtract composite structural materials to improve the weight-to-ratio distribution of the chassis, and closer focus on performance for a much greater torque and agility. The new model, which is the car’s first to discard a 12-cylinder engine block and added an accumulation system to recover potential loss and maximise power and performance when needed.

Also, Terzo Millennio is constructed to be shorter, lower and with the mechanical all-wheel drive system of the Lamborghini to cope with the immense power at every tap. Each wheel has its own independent electric motor with the ability to find grip or to stop spins and skids, making driving off-track safer.

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