The LUXUO Team Guide To the 7 Best Dress Watches 2018

From social events to chilling with the bros, here is the annual account of the most handsome dress pieces that will put you on the fast lane to impress.

Oct 11, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

There is no one size fits all guide to buying watches. Simply because there are so many watch families and brands to choose from, and varying consumer preference. But whether you are in the market for a diver watch or a dress watch, there will be some factors to consider before making the decision. A dressy timepiece to go with your perfectly fitted dapper suit, for example, one has to pay attention to details such as the thickness of the case, the quality of the strap and the details on the dial. As the end year is fast approaching, parties and social obligations tend to come as part of the equation. Here, the LUXUO team has curated some of the finest watches that will put you on the fast lane to impress.

‘Dress to Impress’ Timepieces for Men

1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

At the mention of Rolex, Submariner and Daytona inevitably come to mind. However, its masculine and sporty aesthetics – though distinctive – might come across too hardy for a sleek night out. A Rolex Oyster Perpetual, on the hand, features a universal classic style. It embodies the timeless form of the pioneering origins of Rolex. The Oyster Perpetual is as practical as it is handsome, the ideal timepiece that will set you apart from the rest.

2. Drive de Cartier

A Drive de Cartier watch features a unique cushion shape. Among the diverse palette of extremely iconic designs, this one seems to be the home run when it first debut in 2016 SIHH. From the proportion to the slimness of the case, Drive de Cartier has hit all the right notes in producing a classy timepiece that is beautiful and refined.

3. Omega Tresor Master co-axial

Characterized by the thin and classic gold case, silvery opaline dial and the brown leather strap, the Omega Tresor Master co-axial is the ultimate gentleman’s watch.

4. Chanel Monsieur

An all-black watch is the answer to almost any style conundrum. The Chanel Monsieur watch sits between a classic yet contemporary design that is extremely versatile and easy to match. For the classic man of the current era that wants to add a touch of edge to your suit, look no further than the Chanel Monsieur.

5. Montblanc 1858

Montblanc as a brand with a leading category of fine writing instruments and leather goods, it is no surprise that the Montblanc 1858, newly showcased at SIHH 2018 is a stunning piece. a watch to match a man that is wise beyond his years and shares the brand appreciation of function and quality.

6. Patek Philippe Annual Calendar

A blue watch brings out the best of one’s personality. The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar provides many details yet presented in the simplest of form. It is the watch that will take you through the day and still able to stand out at night.

7. Hermès Arceau 

The Hermès Arceau draws on the design of a classic watch but boldly injected with enough new life to make it an intriguing watch. The sleek details carried across the case, dial and strap makes this the timepiece suited for the prim and proper man of the room – with a touch of quirk, of course.

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