Maison Valentino Presents The All-New Valentino Diary Collection in a Recreational Video

The interactive Valentino Insights home represents a middle ground between videogames and digital art pieces.

Dec 17, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Valentino Insights

Through utilizing intricate digital design techniques, architecture, mysterious atmospheres, and a recreational video approach, Maison Valentino has crafted an intimate presentation of the new Valentino Diary Collection. Set in a modernist villa on the coast of the Mediterranean scrub, Valentino showcases great spacious volumes and glass walls that open up to a marine pine forest.

Maison Valentino Presents The All-New Valentino Diary Collection in a Recreational Video

Inviting users to enter, explore and browse the traces left behind by the person that cohabits the space, Maison Valentino presents our first encounter with each item and accessory of the Valentino Diary Collection and the new Valentino Garavani Roman Stud bag through live, liveable, and virtual architecture. Walking through the rooms, patio and pool, reminiscent of the refined and sober aesthetic Valentino Boutiques are revered for, users can interact with Valentino items that will then be available for purchase on the website with a series of surprises.

Inspired by the experience and behind the scenes of the creation of the advertising campaign, shot by Creative Director with Mariacarla Boscono in Nettuno, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s city of origin where he resides today, the Valentino Insights home exudes a sense of metaphysic familiarity. The exploration of the platform is guided by notes that indicate on which object to linger, with specific elements for the user to interact with, images to be clicked and secret spaces that bring users to unveiling clues. The Valentino Insights home also features a variety of voicemails, videos, a musical selection originating from a vintage record player, extreme scale Valentino accessories that become surreal furniture pieces, dreamy walk in closets, exclusive events, and much more.

Regarded a middle ground between a videogame and a digital art piece, Valentino Insights is a continuously updated platform, a universal window to discover news and to experience personal activities dedicated to the Valentino Community. With the inclusion of essential furniture design pieces from the ‘900 staged throughout the house, and pieces personally selected by Pierpaolo Piccioli, representative of his personal taste and in direct relation to the pervasiveness of art and fashion in every life, the Valentino Insights home is characterized by objects that in the course of decades have been signs capable of creating domestic and social aesthetic identities, whilst embodying innovation, vision and poetry.

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