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The New Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage is for Travelers who want Mobility and Comfort

Business efficiency meets racing performance with Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition trolley collection and this collaboration is makes sense if you really think about it

Apr 30, 2019 | By Angelyn Tan

Editor’s foreword: At first blush, Montblanc luggage with Pirelli wheels might seem an odd collaboration. But, I’ve backpacked through Europe. It was for my honeymoon so we didn’t use literal backpacks but rather trolley bags. I’d just like to highlight that while we live in an age of gender equality, there’s nothing particularly loving or chivalrous in letting your soulmate struggle, with fully laden trolley luggages across romantic Eastern European states. Why? Cobblestones.

Keep in mind, cobblestone paths were from a bygone era before road technology like asphalt. It allowed classical roads to be used all year round without the drawbacks of the formation of eventual pot holes commonly found on dirt words; also, it did not get muddy when wet or turn dusty when dry and horse drawn carriages had better traction over the cobbled stones.

But, in the modern context, rolling a fully loaded luggage over these stones is a test of grip strength, fore-arm resolve and a constance roll of dice against carpal tunnel. Thank God Montblanc thought to collaborate with Pirelli. – Jonathan

Worry-Free Travels with Montblanc Luggage equipped with Pirelli Wheels

With a rich heritage of innovation in practical, everyday accessories, Montblanc, now a German manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, and even eyewear, collaborated with Pirelli on its new lightweight trolleys. Unveiled on the eve of Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, the two European icons wanted to create an experience where customers could navigate the world with an expertly designed travelling companion.

“We have combined this inexhaustible drive with the spirit of exploration of Montblanc to give rise to travelling companions that offer contemporary travelers the utmost reliability and functionality, with an unmistakable Pirelli stylistic feature to complement the Montblanc design.” Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc on the collaboration with Pirelli

Specifically designed for true comfort, reliability and efficiency, this collection of lightweight Montblanc trolley luggages ensure you travel with ease with its  high performance ball bearing wheels and a precision handle bar. Branding for Pirelli appears much like it does on high performance supercars, here on these Montblanc cabin bags it takes the form of the luggage wheels. Key characteristics of the trolley cases include the polycarbonate structure, with rubberized black leather finishes, and the formidable ball bearing equipped “tires” marked with the Pirelli logo. Bonus, it comes in two sizes – a sleek exterior ($790) or a style featuring a pocket trolley ($940) for extra storage.

If you travel often for business and require more organization for your laptop and folders, the new limited edition trolley luggage collection is your fit. A compact 4 wheel carry on, easily accessible and ready to go when you are.

Montblanc x BMW

Montblanc is known for creating practical yet exquisitely designed pieces and this collection is no different. The German manufacturer recently collaborated with BMW on its series of luggage, made specially for BMW 8 Series Coupe. The set of luxury luggage is comprised of a large guitar bag, a Boston bag, leather briefcase, a surf bag, and suit bag. With the collaborations Montblanc has been working on, it is obvious that they are changing the direction of luxury travel.

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