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Limited Edition Versace Palazzo Empire

Available in limited quantities — 10 of each to be precise— the special edition Palazzo Empire by Versace captures each iconic fashion capital around the world.

Sep 09, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Back in March, Versace invited the public to participate in a competition called “7 bags for 7 cities” that would create designs for the iconic Versace Palazzo Empire bag. The seven limited edition versions feature seven famous and iconic fashion capitals that come in various colors.

To join the competition, participants took a photo of a monument, a unique place or an unseen side of the city that they chose. The images were then shared with Versace’s creative team who selected the final images that now make up the limited edition collection. The buildings in each city, are featured in black, while the skyline is filled with fading shades that help to get our attention. Paris is captured in plum and pink, New York in blue, Milan in orange and Tokyo in pink. Hong Kong, Beijing and Sao Paulo also feature in the limited-edition collection.

The Paris edition of the Versace "Palazzo Empire" bag.

The Paris edition of the Versace “Palazzo Empire” bag.

Versace has created only 10 models of each design. Starting from next week, the bags will arrive in their respective cities and will be sold in selected boutiques.

The original Versace Palazzo Empire is made from calfskin leather and can be carried by its handles or worn across the body. This iconic design is instantly recognizable and stands out thanks to the Medusa head detail – the symbol of Versace – on the front. Various special editions have previously been created, including models in crocodile skin and python leather.

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