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Tiffany & Co.’s “Time for Speed” is For Car and Jewellery Lovers

This diamond set car clock will set you back US$215,000.

Dec 13, 2022 | By Joseph Low

Following last year’s collaboration with streetwear purveyor Supreme, luxury jewellery Tiffany & Co. has once again pushed the boundary of its craft. For this year’s season of gifting, the American jeweller decided to merge the worlds of cars and timekeeping. Enter the “Time for Speed”, a clock that is modelled after race cars from the 1950s.

An artisanal keepsake that showcases the jeweller’s savoir-faire, this race car clock pays homage to Tiffany’s long history of making car trophies and the first being the Vanderbilt Cup in 1904. Fast forward to 2022, Tiffany unveiled its third racing trophy in over a century: the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix.

The car-shaped clock has an aluminium body with Tiffany Blue painted all over and features hard-wearing rubber tires with polished stainless steel spokes and rims. Tiffany’s expertise in watchmaking and gem-setting take centre stage as round brilliant diamonds with a total carat weight of 19.53 are assiduously placed by hand on the timepiece. These scintillating diamonds decorate the clock’s bezel and engraving plate in a pavé setting.

On the left side of the car clock features a brushed stainless steel aperture opening where its potential owner can read the time. At the front, Tiffany’s classic monogram can be seen on the grille while the number five is painted atop the car, which is a nod to the jeweller’s iconic flagship on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

The time can be set by rotating the three-spoke steering wheel counter-clockwise and its movement is wound by pulling the car backwards on a flat surface. One can observe the escape mechanism and balance wheel in the driver’s seat.

There are two versions of the Time for Speed: one with diamonds and one without. For the former, it will cost US$215,000 and comes in limited quantity while the latter is US$40,000. One of these exclusive iterations will be make available only in Japan.

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