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HK$1 million suit sold in Hong Kong

A tailor in Hong Kong has produced what he claims to be one of the world’s most expensive suits.

Jun 21, 2013 | By Luxuo

Arshad Mahmood

British Pakistani Master Tailor Arshad Mahmood has produced a suit that he claims to be one of the world’s most expensive tailor-made suits priced at $129,000.

Arshad Mahmood, who has offices in London and Hong Kong, originates from Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and learnt the art of tailoring originally in the city of Karachi in early 80s.

With 22-carat gold stitching, a gold waistcoat and diamond-encrusted gold buttons, the one-off was sold in Hong Kong on May 29 for HK$1 million. According to the South China Morning Post, It took Apsley Tailors 200 hours to make the suit from the finest wool, with gold woven into the fabric.

The world’s most expensive suit is believed to have been made by Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels of Manchester, England. The R. Jewels Diamond Edition is made from a blend of cashmere wool and silk, contains more than 480 diamonds and costs $890,000.

Apsley’s suit beats what was apparently the world’s second-most expensive suit, luxury designer Alexander Amosu’s $103,000 creation with nine diamond buttons set in 18-carat gold.

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