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Calvin Klein Fall Campaign ____ in #mycalvins

We’re getting to know a different cast of celebrities, who reveal their stories and how they ____ in #mycalvins.

Jul 11, 2016 | By Luxuo

You’ve already seen Calvin Klein’s Spring campaign, and how its chosen slew of celebrities ____ in #mycalvins. (Admit it, you’d have probably considered what you’d do in ____ #mycalvins as well.) This fall, the label introduces a new crew of personalities in a reprisal of its Spring campaign.

Shot by Tyrone Lebon (the same guy behind Spring’s campaign), luminaries like Kate Moss and Zoe Kravitz join the squad in revealing their personal narratives. Apart from campaign photos, we’re treated to a collection of more than 50 videos for deeper engagement with the brand and its celebrity gang. It is an offering of “intimate experience”, and we’re not complaining.

Read more about the campaign, and check out the photos at Men’s Folio Singapore. For a slightly different take, check out this other version on the same subject, at L’Officiel Singapore.

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